DESIGN // Re-imagining FOOD

Modernist Cuisine /Re-imagining FOOD

How do you make an omelet light and ten­der on the out­side but rich and creamy inside?

The Art and Science of Cooking  , a cookbook by Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet.

This Book is an excellence and extravagance of  Mr. Myhrvold. A billionaire mad scientist with a culinary bent, who got his first Ph.D. at 22, and degrees in mathematical economics and theoretical and mathematical physics , spent 14 years as Microsoft’s technology guru. He’s almost certainly the only man to have discovered Tyrannosaurus rex fossils. Won the Memphis, in May barbecue championship and studied quantum physics with Stephen Hawking.

“You are what you eat” , this book is one of the most brilliant work in Food Art . A perspective captured to appreciate in what we eat is  beautiful and an Art itself.

Photo credits  from "Modernist Cuisine "

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