Destination Cranbrook Art Museum

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Finally after 2 years , the prestigious Cranbrook Art Academy (  popular as the American Bauhaus , that boasts of alumni’s like Charles & Ray Eames to name  a few )  in Bloomfield Hills , Michigan  re-opened the Cranbrook Art Museum to visitors couple of weeks ago .

Walking past the grand foyer ,  the museum building by Eliel Saarinen is surrounded by the magnificent Cranbrook gardens & its sculptural fountains. One cannot stop but notice the amazing mix of contemporary architecture draped in the beautiful natural landscapes.  With 22 million $ spent in expansion and renovation, the museum provides the 20,000 sq feet new wing added to host exhibitions. The new wing openly showcases 6000 permanent art collections of Cranbrook including rare works of Andy Warhol & Roy Linchestein.

The exhibition No Object is an Island: New Dialogues with the Cranbrook Collection is a pure visual dialogue of 50 contemporary artists & designers . Watch out for exclusive posts on some of the inspiring artists from this exhibition.

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