Trends in FASHION advertising

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Let’s Dance..   -By Aude Penouty. 

With the start of the school year, it seems that there is pins and needles in Fashion‘s legs. Indeed, some big fashion brands new ad campaigns are mixing music and choreography to bring a happy fizz in the direction.

So, Lanvin last video plays contrast and irony, staging two dressed up ladies and two very distinguished gentlemen’s who keep a straight face dancing on “I know you want me” of Pitbull. Moreover, Albert Elbaz makes a brief appearance, which reinforces the offbeat humour of the video.  The result is very entertaining. So sweet, so chic. In another style, the new Chanel’s make up campaign named « Shades parade » is a small music all show. It uses French polished nailed fingers to dance and swing while you watch the last make up color range. The video was directed by the talented moviemaker Aline Bonetto, who was the assistant of Jean Pierre Genet for « Amélie Poulain ». And on a snap of fingers, she presents all the code DNA of the Maison Chanel (pearl’s necklace, mirrors and scales…) and succeeds to takes us to Broadway, making us also swinging on our armchairs…

Showcasing below is an analysis of a collective trend and ad campaigns in past few seasons. Brands have followed these rules well  ,and seems to be adding an extra touch and special popularity over the internet marketing very well.  Every click is a worth Hit.

Lanvin  Campaign

Prada  Campaign

Roberto Cavalli Campaign

Gucci Campaign

YSL Campaign

Agent Provocateur Campaign

Missoni  Campaign

Miu Miu  Campaign

TOD’s  Campaign

Gareth Pugh’s s  Campaign by ShowStudio

Jean Paul Gautier Campaign Kokorico / JPG / Martin Solveig 

This ad’s choreography have been realized by the most famous Spanish’s choreographer “Bianca Li”

Dior  Campaign 

Perrier  Campaign 


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