A complex community action !

A performance which is freer, straight from the heart, capable of making people feel emotions out in the streets and face to face with the public. There are no limits, no censorship; only ideas which are always valid so long as the public ceases to be the public and becomes part of the show swept by surprise, fear, tears or laughter.

Berlin ,Gaza or New York City. An army of creative people including artists, musicians, DJs, film-makers, writers, performance artists, and political activists have protected an entire art as real audition for common people to react or participate.

leaving money or commercial apart is the key initiation of  Protest art , but to leave this apart is like a belief  and abiding. how real is the performance is judged by its truthfulness and selfless incorruptible.

Introducing a concept on protest art through dance ,is sizzling . it can be categorized as invention from one’s soul and Most of this energy and talent is coming from a group of people unwilling to break their backs in order to get a job that they ultimately don’t really want, and who prefer to put their time into their own projects rather than other peoples as first step. taking risk is second ,and performing real is what makes  a Protest art .

Societies are splitting at micro level , even as they share more common goods and attributes than ever before. Culture is increasingly an instrument to divide and differentiate communities. And the leveling pressures of globalization.

Noviembre – was a heartfelt failed attempt in the times when it was the only medium to express. “To do something for me and for others , acting because its a form of Human communication , a way to reach,  understanding and comprehension.”

Independent purpose  to live in each character in realistic way with street as our stage. It is to interpret each character whose credibility could be measured in real situation . More harsh , This is suppose to be different . the idea is to incorporate fiction into reality and audience take part without their knowing it and  understand Modern issues. Not doing for money , therefore makes us free and stay independent  with Ideas and medium.

The Dark side of world , hardly spoken about , only way to bring about is through performance art, and Wall art. Rotting away inside to make it correct and let the ideas flow to make art .

Branding  Consumerism and Graphic Agitation  , Graffiti art 

Graphic stickers found in Shibuya after the earthquake

Bulgaria Vandalizing street art

Bansky with Humor protest ( Smart art )

 #rodneyking # by Bansky

Stop Human trafficking !

Sydney Art

Guernica is a painting by Pablo Picasso

 occupyBB7 CALL ON all movements to do creative actions

Suzanne Lacy: artist ( complex community action)

The Hopeless (Situation), Girl in suicide outfit being restricted by prison wardens. Still from ‘Girls Behind Bars’, BBC documentary (2008). Painting by Eva Merz, 120×160 cm (2008/09)

“urban interventions, utopian proposals, guerrilla architecture, “new genre” public art, social sculpture, project-based community practice, interactive media, service dispersals, and street performance.”the primary material of social practice is person-to-person exchange, interaction, or participation. This Practice , emphasizes people in relationships to each other and their surroundings, “focusing on engagement and accountability between the audience and the artist””


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