by Aude Penouty.

As a start in 2012, let’s make a good resolution… to enjoy reading about fashion!!! And prove that Fashion is not only about gossips and hit bag. My choice is something funny here. This is my list of books  Sociologie de la mode , Penser la Mode and Paris Vs New York .


What do you like better, French croissant or donuts? Camembert or Cheesecake? Eiffel tower or Miss Liberty? Anna W or Karl L?  Amélie Poulain or Carrie Bradshaw?. Varham Muratyan is a French graphic designer/ art director, who after a long journey to USA, came back with mind full of cliché and little anecdotes. He has published a lovely book where he compares Paris and NYC through a series of bright and lively graphics. So delightful read…

Here are some reviews of other books from VIIIZ

My second choice is something which gives indepth analysis of fashion industry.

« PENSER LA MODE » by F.Godart.

Last year, I met Frédéric Godart in order to talk about his books, and thanks to him, he give a complete in-depth analysis about Fashion. Frédéric received his PhD in Sociology from Columbia University in the City of New York, and is now works as an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD Paris, 4th top rank business school of the world. He also regularly collaborates with IFM (French Fashion Institute) of Paris. His research focuses on the dynamics of creative industries. More specifically, he covers fashion design, fashion modeling, and watch making. He also explores the impact of formal and informal social networks on creative performance, as well as the role played by stylistic choices and brand prestige in the formation of firms and customers’ identities.

He has published his research in a wide range of academic peer reviewed journals and in several edited books, in English, French, and German. Additionally, Frédéric wrote a book on the structure and culture of the fashion industry, Sociologie de la mode (A Sociology of Fashion), which an extended English translation (forthcoming at Palgrave-MacMillan) is in preparation. He makes easier to understand all fashion history through the industrial revolution but also how fashion comes from street and informal fashion groups, on a timeline from Antiquity to nowadays.

His second work named “ Penser la mode”, “ How to think fashion”, if ever fashion could be. Though as he likes to say, is totally following the explanation started in the first book. Because Fashion is often only comparing to appearance, in his second book, Frederic is using quotations and text from philosopher such as Platon, Rousseau or Nietzsche, to analyze the eternal dispute between Fashion and thought. Indeed, in order to prove the full compatibility of Fashion and reflection, he highlights 4 themes: Chance, aesthetic, morality and science. A book you can devour or just keep reading in many times, focusing to a period or a theme. But there is a thing for sure; in 2012 you will shine in society!

The english translation of “Penser la mode” F.Godart (by Palgrave) will be on store in April .

Happy new reading year !


« Sociologie de la mode » (Paris, La Découverte, 2010)

« Penser la Mode » (IFM, Edition du regards, 2011)


« Paris Vs New York » (10/18 Edition) He first launched his own blog www.parisvsnyc.blogspot.com .

« Schott Shuman«  from the Satorialist ,next opus will be published this fall ,Shuman’s eye has gone a great way in both spotting and starting trends. In this book, Schuman selects his favorite photos from his site and offers plenty of fascinating insight. Browse the photos of renowned fashionistos and fashionistas, take cues from celebrities, or just gawk at the lovely images of people on the street who take care to dress uniquely.



  1. Beautiful finds!! Love the NY vs Paris bit! So true. will be shouting you out on twitter for those great visuals as well as pinning on pinterest! I think your blog is quite fabulous.Thanks for the follow btw!

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