Character Builder // Animator // Irem Nur Terzi

Character Builder // Animator // Irem  Nur Terzi

An artist who loves to sculpt, paint and imagine , does beautiful work in her work studio in Istanbul.

Irem has Graduated from Stage and Costume Design, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University  ,Focusing on stop motion animation and character design. Loves making puppets, toys, miniature things and taking photos with analogue cameras.

Irem’s work is very inspiring , she adds 100% emotions in her Characters  .

Few of her Inspiring work on Miniature Stopmotion showcased below .


THE CUTEST FLIGHT ATTENDANT Meet Ecem! She is a real character and one of my best friends.She is a flight attendant for 1,5 years and i think her job is tough. But she likes it even she gets so tired.  We are friends since our childhood and i made this mini sculpture for her birthday. This is my gift for her new age. I hope she will like it.


Meet time traveller Clementine! She travels between periods of time and now she is in limbo. Clementine will decide and go to the period which she chose. Would you recommend any period? 🙂  She wears blue skinny jeans – from this century- , a blouse with embroidery – from late 1800s – and a corset – from Rococo era. She carries love notes, letters, diaries and gift boxes.



Leave me alone :

I think most people feel like that sometimes. They want to be on their own. This one is my first sculpture illustration and represents my feeling “to be on my own” .





Meet Mr. Incomplete. He is very emotional. When his love left him to loneliness, he decided to be perfect to get her back. Unfortunately he failed and became an incomplete lonely man.and some dramatic lighting



Making of The Twits puppets.




Meet April ! She is the queen of bookworms. April lives in Moda and works at a bookstore in Kadıköy. She likes chocolate croissant and colour purple. April is always amazed with everything she sees in streets. Walking people, people with dogs, street lamps, sounds come from cafes, bus drivers with moustache, chaotic traffic of İstanbul, crying babies , seagulls etc… She is just amazed.


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