Digital Campaign , Uniqlo for Cannes

World’s first  Online Waiting-Line

Uniqlo, one of our most favorite  fashion forward Japanese brand has always been on the forefront of innovating digital campaigns. Tadashi Yanai, the man behind this formerly suburban discount apparel store , turned Uniqlo into the new cool Japanese fashion alternative. From the first store in the streets of Harajuku to Soho in Nyc , Uniqlo has always triggered  its sales by using cool visual advertisements as a creative tool to connect with consumers globally. Latest in buzz is the Cyber Lions Cannes winner Uniqlo Lucky Line Campaign by Dentsu.

Uniqlo Lucky Line Campaign is about creating an virtual experience  to check in line for the next Uniqlo sales or new store opening . This allowed the shopper to check in on site , inventing an online buzz of more then 2.2 million people via facebook & twitter. Making tweets could also give shoppers access to discount coupons online. Uniqlo ended up making record single day sales of more then ten billion Yen .


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