Hand illustration is back

Hand illustration is back !

What is new within illustration world? As initiated few years ago by a wave of fashion & trend’s bloggers, hand illustration is back in Advertising, fashion magazines and fashion blogs. We have researched 3 of our favorite trend illustrators.

Gabriel Moreno Illustrator, engraver and painter based in Madrid, graduated of Fine Arts in the University of Sevilla in 98. Since then he worked in different design studios and ad agencies in Andalusia. At present he has worked with virtually every major national agencies, and is starting with his first commissions and international expansion. He has worked with numerous national and international publications, last August by the cover of Los Angeles Times Magazine. He recently realized the latest swiss shoes brand Vogele advertising campaign.

Natalia Grosner This Canadian, brazilian born illustrator is an ex of Leo Burnet team who now works as independent. She sketched last fall/winter for Proenza Schouler New York fashion week, doing an interpretation of her favorites outfits. So cool , isn’t it ?

Garance Doré She is an illustrator and a fashion photographer. She shot for instance, the latest Moschino campaign in Milan and sometimes works with her not less famous face hunter boyfriend: Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist). When she launched her blog in 2006, she didn’t imagine that she would be the originator of a big trend that would carry on for so long.


Article written by Aude Penouty: Fashion Stylist.


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