International Lingerie Fair, PARIS

International Lingerie Fair

By Aude Penouty: Stylist Fashion .

21-23 January took place the international lingerie fair (SIL) and Interfiliere show organized by Eurovet. The shows presented  SIL fall/winter 2011/12 and trends for 2012/13. The List Exhibited 42% from France and 58% International Lingerie brands which included, hosiery, corsetry and swimwear -with 4 categories. “Be essential” with big brands features daytime lingerie and hosiery;“Be chic” for the famous designers and its Italian pavilion;“Be spicy” with new brands more avant-garde collections;“Be lounging” dedicated to home wear, all 4 categories showed great collections.  In a gloomy economic atmosphere, lingerie industry is enjoying a turnover rise of 4% in 2010 (2,7 Euro’s billion) with an average spending budget of 121 Euros by outfit (+7% in 2010). And for 2011, indicators would still be optimistic, although the increase of raw material’s price and especially cotton’s allow uncertainty to persist , “The challenge is to find mutual solutions with customers, to jointly overcome cotton prices situation. We believe that this difficult situation will continue, at least in 2011- and will call for intelligent solutions”, says Martin Hermann. On the other hand, Fabric trade show Interfiliere for intimates and beachwear, focused on comfort, technical excellence and realism this year. The most luxurious end of the beachwear industry has fully understood this and now no longer sells only beachwear, but also holidays through the accessories and environments that go with them. From the exhibits, spotlight supplier D&D Durand, stands out as a specialist in accessories for fashion and bringing innovation in the industry and recently have made significant investments in new machines: laser machines, a new calender,  continuous-tone dye sublimation and a multi-head Cornely embroidery machine adapted specifically for D&D Durand.


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