POPup STORES A trend or shift of economic crisis


POP up STORES is it a trend or shift of economic crisis  ? The concept, describing short-term events or stores that arrive mostly unannounced is rapidly extending the scope of experiential branding. Popup as a moment started in 2009 as a form of recovery in the economy, where vacancies of retails spaces had gone up.  It worked really well for the brands who could not afford an expensive, long-term rents. Economic crisis gave birth to many such service based ideas of getting you the hottest place in your city ,like  POP UP INSIDER ,OPEN HOUSE as great business ideas to turn an empty space into an economically / buzz-generating property. Considering recovered and positive economy now, the idea of popup stores catches up as hottest trends. Just few days of display, huge crowd, and bringing excitement to the brand along with extended customer database. Popup shops has arrived as cool retail trend, and is here to stay. Empty spaces are being taken as short-term ideas for Guerrilla & Viral Marketing ,  products launch ,or cool concepts like “ParkHere” , reasons could be any. But it is an ideal way to test consumer interest and limited edition releases. “Innovation” “Profit” or ” Social connectivity ” whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer or an agency, Puma, Nike, Marc Jacobs, everyone is building pop-ups to build their brands. “Pop-up” trend is driving new sustainable retail innovation and makes visitors just Stumble upon  !
Park here in NY
Henrik Vibskov Traveling pop up shop at Sprspace in Amsterdam

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