Bright XII , Berlin

Bright  XII ,  Berlin

Berlin’s natural flow of creativity ,  Bright  Tradeshow for Streetwear Skateboarding and Sneakers , was one of the coolest  trade show that happened around my visit there .  The location choosen was really impressive, the Stasi headquarter, the much-feared secret police of the communist government. Skaters all around and music for an unconventional fair , and still able to maintain its freedom and great level of energy around were great brands with great products. If you love graphics this was  the coolest place to see the trends around. Skateboard and graphics museum on the top floor with works retrospective about Emerica’s pro-skater Heath Kirchart, the 20 Years Intro T-shirt exhibition, a photo exhibition by Zuek Simonetti, work from the Arty Farty Gallery, Pisa73 , and  skateboard fun park in the basement with running contests.  This show to me definitely stands out from conventional Trade fairs of the industry. Marco Aslim and Thomas Martini are the founders and their aim of the skateboard culture influenced trade show is to offer a platform for unique exhibitors, in a positive atmosphere , which is as bright as BRIGHT !

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