Berlin Street ART

Berlin Street ART

Berlin as a city is one of the most inspiring place from history to art to design ,and one of the most vibrant capital ,during my trip i was happy to capture some very major graffiti landmarks and a glimpse of contemporary art. Street art is an integral and the best part of the landscape in Berlin, over the years it has undergone a dramatic urban transformation since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Street art is not just a piece of art ,it says and communicates a hidden message or a creative code where everybody expresses their voice and mostly has to be read as text. “Street art can even be considered an individual attempt at urban beautification in a city, especially in districts such as Kreuzberg, which is famous for its avant-garde work . The area is increasingly becoming a space of large-scale projects, commercial and corporate buildings, urban renewal and gentrification.” as quoted by Julia Ferrante in his article which explains a detailed analysis. 


One thought on “Berlin Street ART

  1. A city is alive when it uses art to breathe life into daily environment instead of only inside a stuffy museum…… knows that graffiti can also be called design.

    Love your work…..the Happy Fashion Library is (so far) my favourite.

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