KunstHaus Tacheles art Berlin 3

KunstHaus art Berlin 3

Kunsthaus Tacheles is an open house yet another place started  in 1980. it is a self-determined, collective art and event venue in the Berlin district of Mitte Oranienburgerstrasse. It uses a building saved from the demolition of a former department store and in early 1930s, the house was increasingly used by Nazi Party members. Though now the exploration of contemporary art and global processes lies in this haus , About 100 artist from all over the world are currently working on the Tacheles-site. From the top floor, to the backyard this hauz has the craziest and the wackiest artist trying to support  Kunsthaus Tacheles and themselves . Every room and shop inside  is an endless inspiration , the backyard of house is another great space to explore metal installations. and not to miss big bansky graffiti on back of the haus. There are lots of capitalism people who wants this house , some investors, some gastronomes, some banks… but as quoted by one of the support artist “We stay, because in art we trust.”

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