Georg von Rauch House // Künstlerhaus Bethanien

HAUS art Berlin 2

Yet , another was the Georg von Rauch House, named after the brutal murder of civilian investigators Georg von Rauch, a leftist activist, is located at Mariannenplatz,  in the legendary district of Kreuzberg, in Berlin. Next to it is  Künstlerhaus Bethanien which is a service enterprise whose goal is to further contemporary art and contemporary artists.  lodging and assisting international guests; for offering advice in general questions concerning art and its practical issues; for the running of the print workshops inside . Bethanien building was a  hospital earlier  and had to be closed down but now it is turned into a giant art space with three floors, exhibition rooms, workshops, studio rooms.  A large printing workshop and studio upstairs is a popular haunt for local silkscreen. All the exterior is painted with great graffitis around the building  and not to miss, a tree with a human womb carved-out , in the park next to it .


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