Miniature Art : Remodelling life

Street Art of Slinkachu

Got my hands on this small book lying in art section of Barnes & Nobles called ‘ Little People in the city , the street art of Slinkachu ‘ Reflecting life as art by installing tiny people in London in front of mundane objects. At first the frames might seem random, but as you browse through the book , it is quite self explanatory. Posing human emotions of love, hatred, stress, routine work, struggle, danger,hunger  and many such parallel emotive facets , is what the tiny people make you re-experience . This time however it is by  using play of proportion and  scale of regular objects. Miniature people painted in daubs of colors express sides of human chaos & loneliness boldly yet with sophistication. Narrated in a photo-essay like manner, this book documents the street art project of Slinkachu and his thought process beautifully. We look forward to his work for the love of inspiration !


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