Art Fest @ Mumbai

Kala Ghoda Art Festival

Celebrating  arts & crafts in the eclectic area of South Mumbai , this art festival is a must  see, must explore for all the cultural enthusiasts, art & design connoisseurs & people seeking visual inspiration . It usually takes place in the beginning of the year around Jan-Feb. What we loved like most of  the viewers is the hi-energy venue of Kala Ghoda .  The open crescent space of this area is home to the best and the oldest  of the art galleries like Jehangir Art Gallery ( which includes Cafe Samovar , an iconic hub for artists ) ,  National Gallery of Modern Art,  Max Mueller Bhavan and many more new galleries as well. This festival is a platform for upcoming and established artists & creators , serving as a visual treat for all. The Art Fest showcases various workshops, heritage walks, seminars, music performances and photography, arts & crafts  exhibitions for a period of almost a week. Somewhat carnival in its feel, it is an open for all event & brings together lovers of art in this heritage spot of South Mumbai . We loved exploring our time there to experience some food for thought !  For more information check


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