‘Its temporary’ Christo & Jeanne Claude

Whimsy Poetic

Free smile is what they want you to experience, from their environmental works created in open landscapes both urban & rural in nature. Having lived in America, Christo & Jeanne Claude were born in Bulgaria and Morocco respectively. Escaping communism and embracing their mutual love for earth , the husband-wife duo has created series of  ‘ subtle disturbances’ to make people aware of their environment and surrounding spaces. Self funding their works of art, and seeking long government approvals hasn’t ever affected the nature of their environment friendly installations which are fully recycled at the end of the exhibitions. They have famously wrapped up spaces like islands in Miami to Pont Neuf in Paris & Reichstag Building in Berlin with fabric. With the recent most installations being Gates in NY & previously using series of umbrellas as an icon of shelter in Japan & California. With Jeanne Claude’s passing away last year in 2009 , Christo continues to live their iconic collaboration of more than 50 years. For more inspiration & photos explore  Christo & Jeanne Claude


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