What’s Fake : Ai Wei Wei

Confronting Art

Prominent Chinese artist,curator,activist & architect continues to be an ever inspiring figure infusing politics & art with a sense of outspokenness. Challenging socio-political situations , Ai Wei Wei’s works continue to inspire the youth  & represent his thought process as explicitly as ever. Born during the Cultural Revolution in China, and he studied film making and art in Beijing and New York . His recent most contribution Bird’s Nest at the 2008 Olympics represented the free spirit of games combined with  the oriental values. Ai Wei Wei is  presently commissioned for the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern which speaks of his credibility as an eminent international artist who has seasoned himself with political criticism. His Fairytale project for Documenta 12 in Germany , remains as one of the biggest real life art project based on individual experience and interaction of 1001 Chinese people from different walks of life. We continue to admire his work as an iconic creator !


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