She’d stop an aeroplane in that yellow dress.

Christopher Kane

An up-and-coming young designer is what they say and what he says is , ” Four weeks we had nothing, it was dire straits and I had just finished doing Versus and I came back to the studio. I came across patent and I thought it would be great to embroider over it and we did the gems which was based on the Vatican and also a little Priscilla Presley. Then we thought ‘Let’s just do a little chenille flower’ and it came back a bit wrong and looking like that. It was a dandelion on patent and I knew we had found it. It was so hot!  ”   set apart the beauty in his collection with embroidery as it is, From the fashionably down-at-heel residence in Dalston to the pinboard loaded with breathless missives from the fashion glitterati. ‘Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be quite funny if they said that?  ‘She’d stop an aeroplane in that yellow dress’.

Photos refered from Kasia Bobula.


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