Modern Master / David Hockney

iHockney iPainter

Painter, print maker, stage designer, photographer and most influential British artist, David Hockney persistently explored British Pop Art, Expressionism, Cubism. The late 60s and early 70s communicated his concepts of naturalism as Hockney was  greatly inspired by ” the way human vision works”. He explored  the technique of Joiners by using Polaroids (Time sync shots) of a single subject  by arranging them into a patchwork composite image. In mid 80s Hockney was commissioned  to draw with the Quantel Paintbox a computer program that allowed the artist to sketch direct onto the monitor screen. His sketches using Quantel were featured on BBC. Hockney was also commissioned to design December 1985 issue of the French  Vogue magazine. The Review‘s October 09 issue discusses the new drawings that David Hockney has been making with the Brushes application on his iPhone, including a series of large-scale paintings based on his relationship with technology that will be on view at  PaceWildenstein this fall.  Well … The new iphone art is indeed quite an addiction !! Popular British Designer Paul Smith hosts the upcoming exhibition of Hockney’s early works,300,PNP.html




imgDavid Hockney2





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