‘Avedon’ Photography Exhibition

Magnum Opus AVEDON

Iconic American  photographer Richard Avedon’s exhibition at Detroit Institute of Arts was nothing less than a visual wonder !!  Known for combining technical innovation with timeless glamour & elegance . His collection of portraits & fashion photography from 1944-2000 was high on stark compositions &  emotions . A classic visual orator, captured  famous models & actors like Dovima , Bridgette Bardot , Marlin Monroe , Audrey Hepburn,Twiggy  & socialites like Marella Agnelli in live action thus exposing their innate self . He often chose city backdrops  where common people would be artistically combined in his frames. work includes a visual reportage of people like miners,cowboys in his bestselling book In the American West. Avedon was also one of the first  fashion photographers to capture  African-American model from Detroit Donyale Luna and the Eurasian model China Machado. What was most inspiring in the exhibition were particularly his B&W pictures from 1940s  to 1960s ! Most of his photographs then were taken for brands like Christian Dior & Balenciaga .The beauty of the compositions  is reflected from the unique angles that seem to converse profoundly with the spectators.

avedon (4)avedonRichardAvedonReneeTheNewLookofDiorPrichard-avedon31

Phil Poynter work on Lacoste is quite an example of how inspiring was Avedon.


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