Bring on the drama

Bring on the drama

The Spring 2010 RTW (Ready to Wear) fashion shows may have wrapped in Paris, but the ingenuity shown by the designers is just beginning to inspire. There were a handful of shows that really stood out. There are two shows that I am absolutely in love with; John Galliano’s Spring 2010 RTW show and Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 RTW show. Both of these shows were breathtaking and undeniably original.

FANCY Spectacle

Galliano’s Spring 2010 fashion show was inspired the queen bee of film noir heroines in American cinema, a trip to Los Angeles. While there, he imagined the lives of actresses that may have lived there during the glamour 1930’s and 1940’s.  He effortlessly used colorful and textured fabrics to create looks that  are just as complex as they are simple. Galliano’s approach to fashion is directly influenced by his cultured up upbringing from San Juan, Tangier ,school in Spain and having been raised amongst marketplaces, living around different character stories, an array of materials, a mix of sites, sounds and smells has truly affected Galliano in a positive way. what a rich history to utilise !!!. His love of fabrics and textures were shown in this line, mixed bold colors together, delicate laces,silks chiffon, Polka dots,floral, structured jackets and frilly skirts. It was a cornucopia of vibrant textured looks.  Spectacularly a  dramatic show; full of drama and imagination. Floating ‘bubbles’ and moody lighting , set to fun music… his show took people away to a fanciful place.

SURREAL Spectacle

McQueen’s show was completely different from John Galliano’s show. McQueen’s approach to design is very much about a surreal flavour driving you through your deepest fears and prejudices,took things even further into the stunning psychedelic. simply out of this world!! . The skills he learned at Seville Row can now be seen in some of the pieces that came down the runway. His show included robotic cameras that moved up and down the runway.These cameras broad casted the show world-wide. New materials,engineered digital images, sculpted pieces out of metallic and sheer materials that may not have been thought of for fashion before. and its impact on the world that we live in is definitely changing the way we see beauty.

John Galliano Spring 2010 collection



Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 collection






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