My first pair of stilettos!


Well, before I even donned my first pair of stilettos, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been unstoppable, Showmen and trendsetting team in the world of fashion.  They’ve been captivating fashionistas since the 80’s. Strong, Sexy, Bold, and feminine. Spring 2010 the Investment values  are set on the Sicilian “Heritage” (Women’s Spring 2010 RTW) Collection shown in Milan, stayed true to their signature look. When compared to women’s Spring 2009 RTW collection,which were exaggerated geometric constructions, their new line is practical and shows a more dominant and courageous side of a woman. Sartorial tailoring, vivid rose patterns, lace dresses and lingerie. Hmmm ! what a better way to make a woman feel powerful and sexy. The images that came down the runway were inspiring not only for women striving to be independent, but for anyone looking for the perfect balance of not only strength and sensitivity but precious and classic as well. Their inspiration has always been strong, Italian women and are not so concerned with trendy, hip and cool fads. They stick to what they do best and line up a collection that does not define fashion but redefine wardrobe.DolceGabbanaSpring2010


by Kimberly Lewis


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