Budding Branding


Patrick Burgoyne the editor of Creative Review magazine had presented DesignYatra this year, To name a few links of design studios http://www.sixtostart.com/ http://www.fisheyecreative.com and talking about some people like ,Ben Terrett who is a Graphic Designer based in London,and partner in Really intresting group working in the post digital design  http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/ and  http://www.newspaperclub.co.uk/ are few of his projects (self-generated stuff, remixed from the net) and founder of http://www.thedesignconspiracy.com/ his idea is “we need to create future projects combining technology or reviewing social media and their ideas together into a product ” keynotes : Work for your own , create your own ,,, publicize and let ppl come in !!!” SELF DESIGN” is a great approach for startup studio.Another intresting work is by Paul Huges partner at Lava  graphic design, Amsterdam  http://www.lava.nl/en/identities/Impakt%20Festival%202008 ,explains  how logos of the past have turned into HOLOS , where they help us  create dynamic identity to a brand(visually) , Instead of a conventional logo, Lava has created a visual world of alter ego’s for the IMPAKT community itself. Every visitor and artist was given a unique IMPAKT avatar. Well ! to think its quite  a task but lava design studio has churned  great work and expertise in developing great magazines ( http://www.lava.nl/en/lavagraphic/magazines)


explains and shows how holo branding  moves in the issues …


shows the whole design process of how they evolved branding holo identity for idtv. Thier cumbersome ideation is  worth  having the final logo. I think the market is quite ready and open !! all you need to have is a great perspective with a  great proposal.


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