The Inheritor of Applied Design


Stories derive their inspiration from life and so does any act of creation.Aesop’s fable did seem to mould the ideal individual but was wrapped around a doubt of being fictitious.It just seemed to be another outcome of a creative mind who loved to throw his wisdom around.But, many a doubt have been put to rest as Cambridge University unravels the mystery.Thus, clearly stating that the fable of the Thirsty crow could be for real and not just a tale that taught values.It lits hope by pointing the possibility that the members of  the crow family could be the original  inheritors of applied design. So lets observe around us for the stones that can be our source of inspiration to create something that raises the level of creativity.And, like the thirsty crow we move back home content after every day thinking we designed a path that will touch the lives of many.

Similar realtime work has been shared by Hacker and writer Joshua Klein at TED, thus Adapting methodology like the crows who inspire us to design life everyday.


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